Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Why yes. Yes I do have a blog.

What's it about?

Um, just silly stuff. Fashion, beauty, my style.

Oh that's so cool, I'll have to read it!

And in my head I'm thinking, please don't! God don't read it and see what I do on the weekends. Husband running home from work on Fridays so we can catch the last bits of sunlight.

It's not that deep. I always follow up people's questions by saying it's just something I do for fun, because it really is. But I downplay how much it honestly means to me, and how it has saved me from becoming completely insane in my "real" job. Working with kids and families is tough, and I often come home after a meeting feeling like I need to re-think my choices in life. I also come home wanting to pour myself a large glass of wine. Usually I refrain. Usually.

Wearing //
Nordstrom jacket, similar here and here
Topshop skirt, perfect Spring option
J.Crew pumps, similar

When I first started Beautygirl24 in 2009, the only people I told were my best friends. I didn't even tell close friends and family, and certainly not co-workers. I wasn't sure why, but I was completely embarrassed. I didn't think it would be taken seriously, because hell I didn't even take it seriously. It was just supposed to be a guilty pleasure, something to entertain myself with while I was avoiding becoming a full-fledged adult. Then once I started Instagram, people found out about this hobby of mine, and now pretty much everyone I know, knows. It sometimes feels like a dirty secret that I've carried around. But then I wonder, why I am ashamed? I mean what's the big deal? So many women have blogs now. Stay at home moms, working women who need an outlet, and many who have been fortunate (and hard working) enough to make blogging their full-time jobs. It's an idea that I've grappled with, especially lately. I'm just not convinced that I'd enjoy solely doing this for work, and I like that it's been a low maintenance thing. Would I still enjoy doing this if it were my job? I really don't know, nor have I given myself the freedom to give it a few minutes thought.

But yes, I have a blog. And I am beginning to be more than okay with people knowing. I'm actually proud of it.

Do you ladies tell others about your blog? How do you feel about it? I'm in discussion mode on this one!

Monday, April 25, 2016

As I previously mentioned in this post, I had been researching small crossbody and saddle bags for about three months now. I don't ever buy a bag on impulse, at least not anymore. I mull things over before making my decision. I usually try to see the bag in person so I can touch the leather, inspect the hardware, take note of its functionality, and try it on. This may sound like Type A to the extreme, but when it comes to dropping some cash on a bag, I'm anything but lazy. It's also a fun process! The thrill of the hunt can be even more exciting than the actual purchase.

Unfortunately, I didn't see this bag in person. I tried all of the higher end department stores like Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, and Neiman Marcus but none at the South Coast Plaza location had this bag in stock so I gave it a whirl online during Shopbop's sale. $100 dollars off the retail price? Sold!

Here are my thoughts after carrying it four times:

Although it's small, it's quite roomy! It has two compartements where you can store the essentials. It's not large enough for a regular wallet, but other than that, all of my other must-haves fit nicely. These include cell phone, cards, keys, some lip products, and a small pill case.

It has a pocket in the back for easy access to a phone.

The strap is adjustable, so it really will suit any height! A big plus for a petite girl like myself! You can adjust to wear it crossbody or as a shoulder bag.

It is THE perfect shade of blush (thistle is the name of the color). Not too pink, not too white. It almost has a slight lavender tone, which is beautiful! I can't get over the color, almost like ballerina slippers. It makes for a feminine appeal to an otherwise androgynous bag.

The leather is very smooth and supple.

Loeffler Randall isn't as common as other brands, which I actually prefer. I most likely will not see it on others in and around my area. Saddle bags are trending, but I have yet to see this particular bag on anyone.

The leather is so soft, that I fear of wear and tear. I'm using a protectant to ensure that doesn't happen, or at least not quickly.

The snap closure of the bag is a bit cumbersome. You really have to press down on the hardware to get it to lock in place. Opening it is easy though, and it's not a hassle to get in and out of like my Chanel bag.

Overall, I am in love with this beauty and am even planning on another Loeffler purchase in the future. I think this brand has me hooked!

If you have any specific questions that I didn't cover, feel free to leave me a comment below! Thank you for reading!

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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Wearing //
WHBM sandals, pretty option 

I've shied away from wearing bold colors in the past, and the one shade that really seemed to scare the heck out of me was red. Too vibrant, too attention grabbing, too "look at me". I really dislike attention in public, which is pretty strange considering I write a blog on the internet. I know, I don't understand it either sometimes but I feel like I'm getting more and more comfortable with a little attention. Yes red is powerful, but it's also incredibly feminine and it forces me to come out of my shell a bit. There's nothing to be shy of, right? Paired with softer accessories, I let the dress be the star. Although I'm loving my new bag, and I think it's worthy of special attention too! I can't wait to review it for you so look for that in my next post. 

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Spring always gets me excited for the months ahead. As cliche as it may be, it really does evoke the feeling of new beginnings. I'm a Summer girl at heart, and there's nothing I love more than looking forward to road trips, vacations, and lazily lounging around on my days off. Lately, there are a few things I'm doing to get ready for my favorite time of the year. Sorry holidays, but you're often stressful, complicated, and too dramatic. The most wonderful time of year for me includes May through September.

Sheet masks are a must-do on my list, and I know I'll be using them a ton during the hot Summer. You guys know I'm really interested in skincare, and these are great for a little pick-me-up. I often do one at night while watching tv, listening to music, or reading. I got this giant pack of various sheet masks from Amazon. They are also sold at Ulta 

Another thing I'm really enjoying at the moment is reading. I've been an avid reader my entire life, but it seems I find every excuse not to pick up a book, and instead tune into my social media accounts. Nothing, and I mean nothing, can replace the knowledge you gain from reading a good book. I don't care how informative a blog or a website is, holding a book in your hands, being able to highlight important parts, and being able to go at your own pace is irreplaceable. I'm so grateful that Gina sent along this gem by Jen Sincero. I get so tired of running circles in my head, doubting my capabilities, and being so self deprecating to the point of nothingness. I thought that I'd have life figured out by now, but I really don't. It's a struggle a lot of people face, so I highly recommend it! And for those of you who are like myself and feel really left behind in the blogging world and can't figure out where to go next, this book by Yuli Ziv is a must as well. I'm devouring both, and hopefully by Summer I'll have more figured out.

The last thing (well not really the last but for time's sake, I'll pretend) would be my Summer vacation planning. Nate and I are going...wait for it...wait for Hawaii! Yes, shocking! It's only our third time together, and my...10th? Listen, I'm not that spoiled. I know what you're thinking. But my godfather lives on Maui, and this little fact is what keeps me going back year after year. Another fun fact - I stayed with him for almost a month when I was in high school, and even contemplated moving there after graduation to attend college. It's also where my best friend Katie and I went after graduating in 2003, and where Nate and I took our first real trip together, and where we spent our honeymoon. So now we are headed back "home" as I fondly refer to it. Except we are going to not only Maui, but to Oahu as well. I am so excited!

I'm also going to Vegas in a couple of weeks for my soon to be sister-in-law's bon voyage to single life, and I'm a bridesmaid in the wedding on May 29th. It's going to be a busy few months!

Do you have anything planned for Summer?