Tuesday, September 16, 2014

30th Birthday Girl

Wearing //
Loft skirt, similar
Vince Camuto pumps, very similar
Chanel bag
Nordstrom necklace (old) 

Beauty //

To say that this past weekend felt like a whirlwind would be a great understatement. I didn't have any real expectations for my 30th birthday, and I think that's probably the reason I enjoyed it so much. I've never loved celebrating my own birthday. I'd much rather celebrate someone else! But turning thirty is such a huge milestone, and one that had me thinking a lot about the past. Thirty years on the planet is quite a feat, one that I often take for granted. So in between a romantic dinner with my husband, opening beautifully wrapped gifts and cards from loved ones, drinking champagne, and lounging at the beach, I thought about my past. Where I've been, what I've accomplished so far, who I was and who I am today. I also thought about the future, and where I'd like to go, what more I want to accomplish, and who I'd like to become. I guess it sounds rather "deep" for a birthday, but I needed a healthy dose of reflection. I also needed to wear something fun and flirty for the romantic portion of the weekend, so I went with all black, ruby red lips, and a classic bag. It did the trick! I have one more birthday look to share, so stay tuned for that!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Shopping for Fall

We all seem to get into a shopper's frenzy around the end of Summer. With cooler temps promised to us around the corner, there's no better way to prepare than to go a little crazy and snap up as many new items as possible. I normally like to add pieces in slowly so that I don't make impulse purchases. I clean out my closet, take inventory of what I already have and what I am missing, and then I make a list. I also read my Fall fashion magazines, check out blogs and Pinterest, and then go from there to edit my wishlist. It seems like quite the process, but it really isn't. I find this is the best way to manage my money and prevent me from overspending. But let's face it, Fall is to fashion what football is to many, so I do let myself splurge a little. The darker jewel tones and the moody hues get me so excited. Even if Fall is a joke here in southern California, I take it quite seriously. Not to mention it's my big 3-0 tomorrow so the excuse to shop is real my friends!

Here's what I've added so far:

So what do you think? Have I made some wise choices so far? Neutral and basic enough, right?

Before I say "happy shopping", I'd like to thank you for making my 20's more bearable. I can't believe I'll be 30 years old tomorrow. I don't feel 30! Or at least I don't think I do (until I go to a bar and see how 20 year olds get along). It's hard to put into words, but I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your support and friendship. I started this blog when I was 24, and it's crazy to think how long ago that really was. Just when I get down on myself for not being where I thought I would be by the time 30 hit, I remember that life doesn't work that way, and that it's ok to feel a little "off" about it. So before I start rambling, I'll just say goodbye, and have a great day! See you next week on the other side :)

Monday, September 8, 2014

A new favorite

Wearing //
J.Crew skirt (old)
J.Crew Factory Sandals

I love a classic button-down. It can be worn with practically everything, and it always looks clean and put-together. Express makes my favorite variety, and I own about six of them in different colors and prints. When Express had a sale a few weeks back, Gina kindly did us all a favor and wrote a post about it (otherwise I never would have known). I bought two, but this one is by far the one I reached for all weekend long. I wore it twice, that's how in love with it I am! I wore it first with a simple skirt, and then I wore it again the following day with distressed denim. 

Speaking of Gina, I am linking up with her and Carylee today :)